• Benoquin Cream

Benoquin Cream

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How Does Benoquin Cream Works?

Benoquin, which is also commonly referred by the term monobenzone is considered as the tropical drug that needs to apply on the affected area or skin that carries the de-pigmentation effect. The chemical composition of this drug helps in reducing the emission of melanin that gets produced from the melanin producing tissues or cells present in skin. Monobenzone also leads to destruction of the cells that produces the melanin and due to which the effect of this drug is permanent. Use of Benoquin or monobenzone in a proper dose helps an individual to get rid of such kind of skin disorder and helps the white patches to become normal in colour.

Monobenzone is considered as the main composition of this drug that acts as best remedy for such kind of skin disorder. It helps in reducing the metabolic rates of melanocytes and acts as a great epidermis lightener. Effect of Benoquin Cream Online can be seen in an individual in just limited number of applications as per the dose prescribed by the doctor or skin care expert. This drug can be used by any individual to over skin disorder such as Vitiligo.

Benoquin Cream 20 mg can be used on the affected area itself after washing the area with clean water and soap. Although, this drug acts as a skin lightening cream, one should restrict themselves from using this drug for cosmetic purpose as in some cases skin become over sensitive to sunlight after application of this drug. Benoquin is considered as one of the best treatments for Vitiligo and individual of any group can use this drug to overcome their skin disorder in easiest and quickest way or method.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Benoquin 20 mg Cream?

Benoquin is a skin lighting ointment that cures skin disorder such as Vitiligo in a very effective way in limited time span, but for the maximum effect of this drug it is very significant that one should consult their skin care expert to know the correct dose of this drug as the dose of it differs in very individual depending on the severity of problem. It should be applied on skin in a thin layer after washing the particular area with water. Benoquin Online effect gives the most desired result in a limited time period if applied in a correct dose on particular time on regular basis.

What are the Precautions Should You Know Before Taking Benoquin Cream Online?

Buy Benoquin Cream is one of the most popular drugs to cure skin disorder such as Vitiligo and it has also got an approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as one of the safest drug to cure Vitiligo. However, it is very important that one should take some of the precautionary measures before using this drug such as:
  • First time user of this Benoquin should consult their skin care specialist before starting with drug to know the correct dose of this drug to avoid any kind of abrupt action.
  • Individuals who are allergic to hydroquinone should avoid using this drug as it can give rise to many allergic reactions.
  • Use this drug only on the affected part or skin of your body. Avoid using this drug for cosmetic purpose or as a skin whitening cream.
  • Avoid going to direct in sunlight after application of this drug as sometimes it becomes over sensitive because sunlight can give rise to many other skin disorders.
  • Pregnant women can use this drug after consulting their health care expert or any local skin care specialist to know the proper dose and proper application of Benoquin Cream by considering the fact of pregnancy.
  • Women who breast feed their child should avoid usages of this drug to avoid any risk to their new born infant.

What are the Warnings while using Benoquin Skin Care Cream?

Buy Benoquin Cream Online is an easiest method for treating Vitiligo, but one should keep the below mentioned points before using this drug:
  • Keep the drug away from the reach of children.
  • Do not use Benoquin as a skin lightening cream or ointments; instead use it only on the affected area of your body.
  • Over dose of this drug can damage your skin. Hence, use the drug as prescribed by your doctor or skin care specialist.
  • Pregnant women should use this drug only after consulting their doctor or any local skin care specialist to avoid any kind of risk to the health of their unborn baby.
  • Benoquin Cream 20mg is not recommended to women breast feeding their baby or infant.
  • Avoid eye contact of this drug; wash it immediately if it comes in contact with your eyes.
  • Keep the cap of the drug properly closed after every application otherwise it can get contaminated and can give rise to many other skin troubles.

What are the Side Effects of Benoquin Cream 20 mg?

Benoquin like any other drug or skin ointment can give rise to abnormality or reactions in some individual after its applications. Redness, mild burning sensation, irritation, peeling of skin or cracking of skin are some of the most common form of side effects that gets appear in some individual after its usages.

Although, all these side effects are just for a shorter time span and disappear, once skin becomes used to it, but if the problem persist or increases after its very application then one should immediately stop usages of Benoquin Cream and it is suggested that consult your skin care expert to rule out any major damage to your skin, as it has been observed that if not treated on time these side effects can damage the skin permanently.

Sometimes, Benoquin can also give rise to severe side effects or abrupt reaction such as rashes, itching of skin, swelling of the any particular area near about the affected part, breathing problems, dizziness etc. In such one should never ignore it and it is suggested to take an immediate medical treatment to reduce the effect of such kind of abrupt reactions. However, with a just little precaution, Benoquin cream 20 mg is one of the safest solutions of Vitiligo.

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