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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the privacy of the customers is top most priority at No matter what may come, securing their data is our top most agenda. As none of the customers would ever like to get their details shared with any unknown third party at any cost. We assure that we accomplish the task of doing that thing as promised to our customers. Our privacy policy will let you know how we protect the data feed by you and also assure you at the same time that this data won’t be handover to third party. We have written our privacy policy in a simplified manner that too in easy to understand language. Now you shop online without any worries or tension as the data provided by is completely safe and secure in our hands.

Read on the following points and be sure about the protection of your personal as well as professional data.

No marketing emails: As the life today is very swift and fast paced, we hardly get any time to catch some breathe too. Due to such situation we don’t bother our customers with unwanted marketing mails and messages. We send you only mails when it is necessary like emails regarding the status of their ordered product. You might get mails related to launching of new products and discount offers.

Smart security system: since our website is secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which acquires the information provided by the customers and keeps it safe and secure to itself. Therefore, this data cannot be accessed or retrieved by anyone.

No Spam: As per our promise, we assure you that your data won’t be shared with any third party and thus you won’t receive any spam mail from them.