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Gliclazide 40mg Tablets


EXPIRY DATE : 2023 STRENGTH : 40/80mg

Gliclazide table is an anti-diabetic medication used to treat diabetes mellitus type 2. It is used when dietary changes, exercise, and weight loss are not enough. Order Now!

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How Does Gliclazide Works?

Gliclazide is also gets referred as the sulphonylurea drug along with the intermediate of half-life around of 11 hours. The drug also very extensively metabolised as well as renal clearance accounts for just 4 % of its entire drug clearance. It is consist of the molecule from the group of the azabicyclo octyl that confers some of the special properties on basis of the sulphonylurea moiety. It has also been observed that the Gliclazide acts as a stimulator for the insulin screation with the help of the sulphonylurea receptor of the beta cell and possibly with a direct effect on the transport of the intracellular calcium.

Gliclazide mainly enhances the abnormality in the first phase of the insulin release in the disorder such as diabetes of type 2 and is also very much effective on the second phase. The insulin patter that gets released in due to this drug is reflected to give the detail on the lower incidence of the hypoglycaemic chapters and the weight gain gets compared with various other sulphonylureas. Gliclazide also leads to reduction in the production of the hepatic glucose and leads to the improvement in the glucose clearance even without causing any sort of changes in the insulin receptor. This drug also carries its effect of the anti-atherogenic that works very effectively for the diabetes type-2.

The drug, Gliclazide can also be used in combination with the diet as well as exercise regimens for the control of high blood sugar level in the non-insulin needy patients of the diabetes. Other than just controlling the sugar level in the blood, it also acts as prevention from the diseases such as strokes, heart disorder, circulation problems, kidney disorder and blindness. The effect of this drug is at its maximum when it is taken on a regular basis at the same time.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Gliclazide Tablet?

Dosages of Gliclazide also differs from person to person, it dependson various factors such as the type of diabetes, ages of the individual, severity of the disorder and many more things. Hence, it is suggested that one should consult their health care provider for the correct dose of this drug depending on the problem. It has also been recommended that one should avoid altering the dose of this drug as it can be very much dangerous for their health. The effect of Gliclazide is at its maximum if it is taken in a correct on a regular basis for the prescribed time span. In case of missed dose one should consume it as soon as possible but in case it happens with next dose then it is recommended to leave the previous dose and continue with the next.

What are the Precautions Should You Know Before Taking Gliclazide online?

The drug, Gliclazide is one of the most popular as well as the most prescribed drugs by the doctors to the diabetic patients for its treatment. However, it is very significant that one should follow some precautionary measures before taking this drug to avoid any sort of abrupt reactions. It has also been recommended that individual suffering from any kind of prolong health issues such as kidney problems, liver disorder or any other kind of allergic reaction should avoid the intake of Gliclazide as it can give rise to various other types of health complications to them. However, under a proper medical guidance, such individuals can consume this drug without any major issue.

It has been observed that some of the individuals become very sensitive to the sunlight. Hence, they should avoid over exposure to the sunlight after consuming Gliclazideor else they can use protection such as full clothing along with proper sunscreen while going out in sunlight to reduce the sensitivity. It is also suggested that if any one observes any kind of allergic or abnormal reaction after intake of this drug then inform your doctor as soon as possible to treat it on time. Gliclazide is safe for the pregnant women but in such condition one should consult their health care advisor before consuming this drug to avoid any harm to their unborn baby.

What are the Warnings while consuming Gliclazide tablets?

Warning in association with the drug termed as Gliclazide:

  • Consult any local physician or your health care provider to know the correct dose of this drug.
  • The drug can be dangerous for the individual suffering from any sort of prolong health disorder such as cardiovascular problem, liver or kidney disorder.
  • Pregnant women can consume it after consulting their health care advisor to avoid the risk to their inborn baby.
  • Women who do breast feed their child should avoid intake of this drug as it can also pass to their baby.
  • Alcohol intake along with Gliclazide can cause harm to the health of the individual by causing weakness.
  • One should keep this drug away from the reach of the small children.
  • Gliclazide should be store in the cool place.

What are the Side Effects of Gliclazide 40mg?

Food & Drug Administration has approved Gliclazide as one of the safest and most reliable drugs. However, similar to any other drug, this drug also gives rise to many of the side effects in some of the individuals after its intake. The side effects are very much common in the individuals who are allergic to the active components of this drug. upset stomach, diarrhoea, nausea are some of the most common side effects that may arise in some individual till the time their body becomes used to Gliclazide. However, if the problem persists for more than 3 to 4 days then one should not avoid it as an early symptom, they need to consult their health care provider as soon as possible to rule out any serious damage to their health.

Itching, rashes on skin, bleeding or easy brushing, weakness, fever, chills, trembling etc. are some of the other abrupt reactions of this drug that may also arise in some of the men after its intake. In the extreme case, Gliclazide may also give rise to hypoglycaemia that may lead to weakness, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, nervousness, sweating, tingling of feet or hands, shaking, and increased heart beat. However, all these side effects can be avoided just by taking little bit of precautions.

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