Why Are You Always Sleepy After a Lunch?

By | July 24, 2017

Feeling sleepy and tired after heavy meal is quite normal. But if this thing happens frequently with most of the meals, then it can be a warning sign for addressing health problems. It can be an indication that we are not doing our lunch right. Generally, the foods we consume have a high quantity of sugar and refined carbohydrates and its processing make us feel tiring after the meals. Consuming such food can increase our blood sugar levels and leads to low energy levels.

Sleepiness is basically the body’s response to the chemical reactions that happen while digestion. This is the main hindrance that affects the work after lunch. It’s the sign to change our food type with eating and sleeping habits. Some of the common factors that lead to sleepiness are the type of food we consume, bad sleeping habits and the health conditions and so on

  1. Food: The type of food we eat is also responsible for drowsiness after a meal. Our body is capable of digesting any kind of food we eat. There are types of food that activate more sleepiness than others, so choose wisely. To prevent this it is suggested to follow a balanced diet plan. One can consult a nutritionist to make a balanced diet chart. Focus more on eating vegetables, grains, and foods that provide regular energy. Drinking water is also helpful and avoids excess sugar intake in the foods. Rather than eating a big meal try small and frequent meals and do avoid overeating to overcome this stage.
  2. Digestion process: The human body requires energy to perform well and the energy comes from the food we eat. When we eat our food the digestion process starts in which the food breaks down the nutrients. These nutrients are then converted into glucose and it is further turned into energy which we use to do work.
  3. Hormones: Post-eating the body tends to release different hormones namely glucagon, amylin and cholecystokinin. These hormones are responsible for increasing the blood sugar levels in the body and creating a feeling of fullness in the stomach. The insulin is streamed to the cell tissues and provides energy. At this moment the brain releases serotonin that increases sleepiness.
  4. Sleeping habits: Bad sleeping habits are one of the major reasons that can cause sleepiness post-meal. One should improve the sleeping habits which can help to prevent stress. Engage yourself in regular physical exercises which help you to have a proper sleep and avoid napping if you face problems while sleeping at night.
  5. Other health conditions: If you feel sleepy after the meals than it can be a sign of diseases like anemia, sleep apnea, food intolerance, celiac disease or inactive thyroids. Go for regular body checkups and consult a doctor if you suffer from such conditions. It can be also a sign of nutrition deficiencies which can lead to poor digestion of the food. It will provide you less energy to support your daily tasks. Get regular checkups, consult your doctor and eat good food to avoid sleepiness while working.

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