Some out of the box tips to be awake!

By | August 22, 2017

tips to be awakeThere comes the time when deadlines and project work becomes nemesis and it just seems an impossible task to be awake. And mind that, you are not the only who feels excessive sleep when you really have to be awake, and at other time when you badly want to sleep but could because you are having train-wreck thoughts. But anyways, here are some unusual, not by-the-book tips that would help you keep you walk and alert at the same time.

In general: Some of the basic thing you can do is walk a bit, do the little stretching or even a push up, be in some natural lighting, drink plenty of water and listen to your favorite dance or beat music at moderately up volume are it would keep your brain alert and conscience interested. It would also be best to keep you working place neat and clean and something that would not make you feel like being in your bedroom. In such case, painting it with bright colors would help, big time.

Food hacks: Nuts seeds are ideal for such course and they provide protein and their crunchiness has effect like listening music. You can also drink a coffee but mind to keep control. You should avoid eating heavy meals, especially sugar or fat, and even those so called ‘energy drinks’ before being awaked session. Set a time interval to eat at certain time and follow that.

Medic help: though we suggested consulting with your doctor first before consuming as it can pose certain complications and if all okay then you can buy Waklert to keep your senses awakened. Although Waklert is prescribed to people with sleeping disorders but it can also be used for general use. But mind the fact that you still have to complete the sleeping schedule, so mind the doses of such medication.

Now some weird one: We know when you are looking for some “out-of-the-box” ideas, you are prepared for some weird one too, so here we go.

Fire breathing, which here referred as gushing air in and out when you breathing, that makes hissing sound so it is called fire breathing.

You can also try some smelling oil like lavender, mint to keep your brain alert. But don’t try with fire breathing, it can backfire the logic to keep you awake and sooth your senses, which we are not intended to.

Speaking about alert senses you can also chew minty gum, or any gum for that matter, as facial exercise is a simple logic behind. Even eating a mint candy would also work, but limit both too, as they can cause gum problems too.

Simple tip like splashing your face with cold or fresh water would also work.

But keep in mind that, sleep is still important and you have to complete needed sleeping hours.

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