Phobias and the fact related to it!

By | September 8, 2017

Phobias We humans as bound to get scare for logical or sometime illogical reasons and we’ve been doing that ever since we were being living in the caves or before. Despite what social norms and stigmas would suggest about fear, there are some positives about being feared with something. It makes you alert from any possible hazardous situation, it also put you in best o be active as when we feel afraid out brain releases adrenaline, which makes us super active to protect yourself for such possible threats. It also put brain one step ahead to come up with solution to escape!

But what if it isn’t in controlled?

In such case, that uncontrolled fear can be termed as Phobia. It is an excessive and irrational fear reaction about something which always put a person in panic mode whenever such incident happens! There are different types of phobias listed in psychological science which are as follows:

Agoraphobia: Fear of Leaving Home

And no, sociopaths and procrastinator aren’t included in this category, even in their cases certain conditions need to be developed to be diagnosed with Agoraphobia. In most case past prohibitions, any terrible incidence which happen in past outside which lay a deep impression on subconscious mind to develop tendency that suggests them to stay inside or you’ll be harmed outside of this house.

Social Phobia: Fear of People

In simple words, fear of being in public eyes and afraid to being judged! Despite person being intelligent, he may chose to avoid some situations where they need to address people or communicate with people. It can mostly felt in speech and it can also develops stammers are subconscious sign of ‘I don’t want to be here.’

Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

And it is not called vertigo; it is just one sign of Acrophobia. It is incontrollable fear of being at extreme height. In such situation person feels almost paralyzed even in anticipation of being on such height and it will make then fall off from. In most case, being witness or experienced such incident in past can make one prone to cause such phobia. It could be treacherous if one has to profession or frequent access to tallest places!

Claustrophobia: Fear of Closed Spaces

Person with such fear often feel like being choked in crowded situations. In such situations can make one to feel to lack of breathable air and respiratory system put in panic situation. In such case person might just faint or in case of heart conditions it can cause cardiac attest. It is advisable to those people who have claustrophobic to avoid such crowded situations.

Mysophobia: Fear of Germs

Though this could be linked in relation with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) hypochondria, but it is excessive fear of germs is a common anxiety disorder which can make one uncontrollably obsessive to keep them and their surrounding clean and germfree as possible, regardless skin degradation and less potent immunity it cause. It is incurable and also makes one person fall prey to other mental disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer.

Paruresis: Shy-Bladder Phobia

To make it easy for you, Paruresis is fear to urinate in public urinal. Inhibitions like being watched or something unfortunate events like zombie attack might just happens when you being in the most vulnerable situation possible.

It is always better to get these phobias diagnosed by psychiatrists and seek proper therapy, if needed!

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