NARCOLEPSY: 5 easy ways to treat

By | July 17, 2017

sudden sleep attacks narcolepsyNarcolepsy is a rare, sleeping disorder that cause excessive sleep, drowsiness and sudden sleep attacks in the day time. This disease is quite inconvenient to the affected person and people around him. Though you can take good care of your loved one, it is good to treat this disease as soon as possible. These natural ways to treat Narcolepsy includes sleep schedule, maintaining energy level and lifestyle changes.

Get energized through exercise
Workouts keep your energy level high and reduce drowsiness. Begin your exercise plan with moderate exercises such as walking, jogging and avoid vigorous exercise. If you sleep post lunch, go for an afternoon walk after lunch just for 10 minutes. You can also boost energy from your favorite sports such as football, cricket, volley ball or even indoor games. Desk jobs may make you feel lazy and lead to sleep. Talk to your colleagues about the meeting, business or clients to stay awake. But if you have cataplexy, go for walk along with your physical trainer or your close friend.

Stay away from machinery works and driving
Narcolepsy makes a person sleep anywhere and at any time. So it’s advisable to avoid driving or stop driving and take rest for a while when you feel drowsy and sleepy. Talk to your friends, listen to rock type music, switch off AC, open the window and vice versa to avoid sleeping. Also, stop the machine that you’re working on, when you feel dizziness.

Make a sleep schedule
You will need few naps if you don’t sleep well at night. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. Hit the bed at right time, say 9 PM or 10 PM to have a peaceful good night sleep. Avoid working out 4 hours before sleeping as it will keep you energized and you hardly get any sleep.

Don’t pack your stomach
Alcohol consumption and heavy lunch make you sleep. Change yourself as a fruit and vegetable lover. If you have the habit of eating snacks when you feel sleepy, stuff your box with almonds and dried fruits.
Tell known people about your problem

Your friends and family never tell you anything for your mistakes. your work place may don’t adjust with your problem. So it’s good to get a certificate from your doctor briefing the symptoms to avoid problems in future.


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