How to Prevent Diabetes

By | January 7, 2017

We often hear people saying, “I can’t have sweets, I am diabetic”, what is it all about? Is diabetes caused solely due to sweets? Does avoiding sweets cure or prevent diabetes? No, sweet alone does not affect the blood sugar. There are various factors that affect your blood sugar level.

High blood sugar can lead to various dangerous health disorders. Its side effects are slow. It has the power to affect you right from eyesight to some organ failure. Whereas, the side effect of low blood sugar is rapid. Dripping of glucose from the body immediately pushes the person to faint.

Here are a few preventive measures to keep your blood sugar normal.

Exercise is the go to option for a healthy body. A sedentary lifestyle attracts all the diseases, but a fit and active body keeps away diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.  A 20 min. exercise will help you keep your blood sugar in right scale.

Don’t put a full stop to carbohydrates, but reduce the intake of carbohydrates.  Higher intake of carbohydrates increases the risk of high blood sugar. Hence, it is always better to munch whole wheat food than a food with high carbohydrates.

It is important to not skip meals in order to keep the blood sugar normal. Skipping of meals or not having enough food leads to low blood sugar. People suffering from diabetes are asked to pop in something every 2 hours. This maintains their blood sugar.

We all know fiber is essential for bowel movement. But how many knew its benefit to control diabetes? Fiber is known to reduce the risk of diabetes by controlling blood sugar level. Food like vegetables, fruits, beans, oats etc. are high in fiber.

Obesity can cause you too many spooky health issues. I have seen people saying, “Don’t judge me on my weight” or “I am fat but cute”, I know commenting on appearance is not ethical. But it is very important to lose your extra weight. Obese people are more likely to suffer from all the health issues. Also, reduced body weight reduces blood sugar.

Smoking is a big no when it comes to health. A fitness freak will never go into the habit of smoking. Smoking can affect your body from functioning properly. Smokers have 50% more chances of developing diabetes as compared to the non-smokers. SO, if you are into smoking, quit it immediately.

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