Connection between Diet and Aging is revealed here!!

By | August 2, 2017

Diet and Aging

Unhappiness begins from answering age-related questions to self-realizing the age factor that their skin reveals. Are they what aging do to you? Well, never forget about the diseases that have great connection with ages including diabetes, arthritis and heart diseases. Nobody wants to grow old for these reasons, right?! You can’t stop aging but you can make the process work slow with dieting! Food is the only natural healer given to us by nature. By adding these anti-aging foods to your diet, you can look younger by heart and body.

Olive oil
Nearing your 50’s and already got huge advices from doctors and family to stay away from oily foods? Researchers from countries that have large population being affected by age-related diseases have concluded that, “Extra virgin olive oil is tension-free to people who grow old and may slow down the aging process and its negative impacts on body”. Olive oil is rich in polyphenols that are powerful anti-oxidants needed to prevent age-related diseases.

Again there is a false myth that, “eggs increases blood cholesterol”! Eggs contain choline (a vitamin B element), reduce inflammation in the brain and lessen the chance of developing Alzheimer’s. Also, bones and skin know your aging process and become fragile and weak, without leaving any signs to you. Eggs, being a protein-packed power house, protect your bones from fractures and prevent skin from Ultra violet rays.

Yes, water is not a food but you should take water as much as your food per day. As you grow old, you hardly move your legs and body which may make you drink less water. People who complain of things like fatigue and constipation, most often they’re just dehydrated. Make sure you do activities that make you feel thirst like gardening and regular visit to vegetable market.

Fiber-rich food
When you grow old, not only you, but also the internal organs come under aging process along with you. This will make your digestive system weak and even digesting liquid foods will take long time for it. Dietary fiber from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes helps regulate your digestive system and help ease constipation. It can also balance high blood pressure; reduce inflammation and lower bad cholesterol. Switch to green foods from red-meat to lead evergreen life!

Resting can actually kill you! Memories are what bring you happiness for you. Focus on what you do and make good memories with your family to keep you and other happy.

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