8 Reasons Your Eyes Are Itching

By | October 17, 2017

eye itchingItchy eyes are extremely uncomfortable. Undoubtedly the worst part is that you can’t just thoughtlessly scratch them. Based on the reason behind the itchiness, the consequences of scratching and rubbing away range from increasing the irritation, to germs being spread and leading to infections, some that harm the delicate eyeballs too.

The best way to get rid of itchiness is to first figure out the reason behind it, so you can treat the source. Read on to find the most common reasons behind itchy eyes…

1. Allergies
The hallmark sign of allergies are itchy eyes. It is also called allergic conjunctivitis. Some people may suffer from itchy eyes just by exposure to cats or dogs or some food or plant or other animals. This kind of allergy occurs in a specific pattern. If you experience itchy eyes daily or in the middle of peak pollen season, every year you know it’s an allergic reaction.

2. Dry eye
Dry eye is a medical condition in which an individual doesn’t have enough quality tears to lubricate and soothe the eye. It is a common and often long term problem, particularly in senior adults. Persistent dry eye leads to burning, itching, or stinging in the eyes, blurring of vision and ironically– watery eyes. A doctor can help avoid redness and lubricate eyes to relive itching with artificial tears and redness-lowering drops.

3. Irritating products
Several chemicals, ingredients and substances in personal care products can cause dermatitis, an irritating and itchy rash on the skin, when contacted. It is commonly seen with jewelry and makeup. It can even be a delayed allergic reaction to an allergen. Skincare and makeup products are often cause of irritation or dermatitis. You can swap your products for hypoallergenic products to relieve the itching.

4. Pink eye
Consult a doctor soon if your itchy eye is accompanied with pin-hued or red-hued discharge coming out of your eye. This sign is the classic sign of a pink eye. You may be required to take a few antibiotics and refrain from touching your eye. Pink eye can be contagious.

5. Computer eye strain
Due to the tech centric world, people are much more prone to computer eye strain that they would earlier. All these hours being spent in front of a screen cause the eye to stress and make them feel itchy. Computer eye strain also caused fatigue, headache and can visually impair you for a long term. Look away after every 20 minutes to control eye strain.

6. Eyelid inflammation
The medical term for eyelid inflammation is blepharitis, and it is commonly caused by staph bacteria on the skin, in the scalp dandruff, and due to skin conditions like rosacea. Blepharitis affects the eyeballs by making them itchy, red, watery, swollen, dry, and crusty,

7. Contact lens use
Contact lense users are more prone to itchy eyes. Long-term contact use may even increase risk of dry eyes. Some people may even develop a lens allergy called giant papillary conjunctivitis or contact lens induced papillary conjunctivitis. Poor contact lens hygiene may also increase the risk of allergies, conditions and itchy eyes.

8. Something in the eye
A piece of sand from the day at the seafront, or a speck of dust that makes your way into your eye while riding your bike, having any foreign object in your eye can lead to itchiness, irritation, and pain. But you really should try not to scratch it. Scratching at your eye due to a foreign object can result in corneal abrasion, which may even raise the risk of infection and can lead to corneal scarring.

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