10 Remedies for Snoring

By | August 14, 2017

10 Remedies for SnoringThe structures in your mouth and throat (back wall of your throat) vibrate against your tonsils and adenoids when you snore. There are numerous causes of snoring. Obese and overweight people highly likely to snore. Consuming alcohol before sleeping is also another major factor. It leads to your throat muscles to relaxing and tissues to collapse.

Below are a few easy fixes to stop you snoring:

1.  Change your sleeping position

Lying down on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate drag down to the back of your throat, leading to vibrations while you are sleeping. This can be avoided if you sleep on either of your side.

2.  Lose some weight

Even though some thin people also snore, some people who experience sudden weight gain will start snoring. So, losing ten per cent of your weight might help ease up the internal diameter of your throat and stop the snoring.

3.  Elevate the head of your bed

You can add a few several flat boards under the legs of your bed. An added height will raise your bed enough to prevent the tissues in the throat from collapsing into your airways.

4.  Use peppermint mouthwash

Gargle with a pharmacy graded peppermint mouthwash. It will shrink the lining of both your nose and throat. It is an excellent fix for a temporary snoring problem which may have been developed due to cold, allergies, and headaches. The peppermint mouthwash will open up your nostrils and increase the airflow.

5.  Avoid alcohol

Alcohol will lower the resting tones of the muscles in the back wall of your throat.  It tends to make you more susceptible to snoring. Might make it worse in some cases. So, avoid alcohol altogether or at least before bed.

6.  Change your pillow

Pillowcases, bedsheets, curtains and other linen are prone to buildup of dust and allergens which can contribute to snoring. So, make sure you change your linen every week and during winter twice a week.

7.  Rinse your nasal passages

If your snoring is due to your nose, rinsing out your nasal passages may help. If your nasal passages are clogged due to cold or other congestions, the super speedy breeze will like lead to excessive snoring. A hot shower can help open up passages. A neti pot could also help effectively open your nasal passage with a saline solution.

8.  Quit smoking

Tobacco irritates mucous membranes so your throat might get inflamed, narrowing down the air passage. Smokers are highly likely to have complications due to nasal congestion.

9.  Use a humidifier

Dry air contributes to many snoring issues. Use a steam vaporizer or a humidifier in your bedroom to keep your airways moist, also be sure to properly clean your humidifier often.

10. Reduce your regular prescriptions

Some prescription drugs can make your snoring worse and you should discuss it over with your doctor to get alternative medications or dosage changes.

If you snoring persists for a very long time, consult a doctor.

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