Phobias and the fact related to it!

We humans as bound to get scare for logical or sometime illogical reasons and we’ve been doing that ever since we were being living in the caves or before. Despite what social norms and stigmas would suggest about fear, there are some positives about being feared with something. It makes you alert from any possible… Read More »

Some out of the box tips to be awake!

There comes the time when deadlines and project work becomes nemesis and it just seems an impossible task to be awake. And mind that, you are not the only who feels excessive sleep when you really have to be awake, and at other time when you badly want to sleep but could because you are… Read More »

10 Remedies for Snoring

The structures in your mouth and throat (back wall of your throat) vibrate against your tonsils and adenoids when you snore. There are numerous causes of snoring. Obese and overweight people highly likely to snore. Consuming alcohol before sleeping is also another major factor. It leads to your throat muscles to relaxing and tissues to… Read More »

Health benefits of coconut oil that are scientifically proven!!

Indians use variety of oil for cooking such as olive oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and ground nut oil. Populations that eat a lot of coconut oil are healthy. What makes it so special?  Well, every part of coconut is good for health. For example, coconut pieces or powder increase good cholesterol, coconut… Read More »

Connection between Diet and Aging is revealed here!!

Unhappiness begins from answering age-related questions to self-realizing the age factor that their skin reveals. Are they what aging do to you? Well, never forget about the diseases that have great connection with ages including diabetes, arthritis and heart diseases. Nobody wants to grow old for these reasons, right?! You can’t stop aging but you… Read More »

Why Are You Always Sleepy After a Lunch?

Feeling sleepy and tired after heavy meal is quite normal. But if this thing happens frequently with most of the meals, then it can be a warning sign for addressing health problems. It can be an indication that we are not doing our lunch right. Generally, the foods we consume have a high quantity of… Read More »

NARCOLEPSY: 5 easy ways to treat

Narcolepsy is a rare, sleeping disorder that cause excessive sleep, drowsiness and sudden sleep attacks in the day time. This disease is quite inconvenient to the affected person and people around him. Though you can take good care of your loved one, it is good to treat this disease as soon as possible. These natural… Read More »

6 Impressive Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Have high blood pressure? Try a Bourneville. Worried about cardiovascular diseases? Buy an 85% Cocoa chocolate bar. Perhaps the best medical news in ever. A decade ago, some studies in two acclaimed scientific journals said that dark chocolate — not white chocolate or milk chocolate — is good for you.Read on to find out why:… Read More »

Why Your Cholesterol Levels Might Be Dangerous

Cholesterol is fat like, waxy substance produced by the liver. It is essential for the formation of cell membranes, vitamin D, and certain hormones. It doesn’t dissolve in water and that’s why can’t travel throughout the body by itself. Lipoproteins are particles that help transport cholesterol through the bloodstream. Our body uses cholesterol for production of… Read More »


The feeling of parenthood can’t be explained in words but it has to be experienced. Not everyone is gifted with a baby and there are exceptional who face the problem of infertility. It refers to an inability to conceive even after number of unprotected sex due to female conditions, disorder of sperms or other unidentified… Read More »